Monday, June 2, 2008

End Of Holiday...

Sorry for being long time no add new post. I think all already go back to own role as a too. BUT quite sadness because I amn't same group with you all, luckily Siam Pine, and Su Ling still accompany me. K7 people look not so nice to communicate, the worst is need alway face with the course rep. However , a thing very funny is every practical class will has something happen, like something being broken...Of course not like our K6, do everything more professional, HeHe...How about you guy at UTAR? Anything you want to share also can let me know. Ah, is the time I go back home, I will post next time. As you know, I seldom online at home because the line fees expensive and the speed like turtle:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Those who wish to get the complete set of Genting's photos and videos please leave a comment. I'll email them to you asap.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just Got Back!

This is us in Genting :)

Big THANK YOU to Pui Sean, Pei Nee, Bee Ting, Stephen, Suren, Yi Ying, Shin Yee, Suling, Chia Chee ( Group 7) who joined for the trip. It was super FUN!

Thank you all again for the lovely time, I'll post up all the pics and CRAZY videos soon. Stay tuned and don't go away!

Stella =)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hats off first to Pui Sean for the lovely post! She must have spent ALOT of her time on it. Wow must take note of the blue words at the end of the post and make sure you guys don't repeat doing those things in Advanced if not she'll 'blow fire' on you all. Hahahha.

Ok to make things clear here.

Once again, I am terribly sorry about the videos. Missing videos and those that couldn't be watched from DVD. I would like to stress again that for some of you who couldn't watch the videos, please

1. Change the format of the video first by:
2. Right click on the icon of the video in the DVD
4. Click CHANGE
6. Finally, sit down and enjoy the video =)

Ok as for the missing videos, i'm really sorry about that because they got lost when transferring from one hand to the other. Please be patient and i'll try my best to locate the videos.

And last but not least, those interested in GENTING TRIP please drop us a comment or sms.

Venue: Genting Highland
Date: 7th-8th May 2008
Meet up: Wangsa/Putra LRT Station
Contact: Pui Sean, Stella or Stephen

Please confirm by 5th of May (Monday) as we'll need to arrange transport and accommodation.
Thank you and have a nice day =)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is picture of our group six nattiness guys

(Suren is absent)

Tan Han Ping 陈恒傧
DOB- 7/8/1988
E-mail- &
感言: 在不知不绝的岁月中,我们已经相处两年了。当然过程有喜怒哀乐,酸甜苦辣。。。即将成为我们的回忆。在这回忆中,我重新找到我自己,~那么警察的功劳也蛮大,你在两年内终于找回失踪的你。在没有父母的陪同下。。。我已成长了,我已成人了。~不必强调,知道你能成家立业了!快乐的日子总是过得这么快,转眼间,大家即将离开。事实上,人都是在要分散时就会显的特别珍惜,~嘿!假假的啦!最怕你不走。哈!哈!也许大家所看见本人的字迹,也已经成人了吧!~哇!只看字就知道多少岁哦!那不就利害过我们读的forensic.无论如何,都愿大家有个美好的将来,以后又需要我,都可以让我知道哦!感情是啊,家庭事啊,工作上的经验,都可以让我知道。~啊!若我家电器坏了或我要找风水先生。。。可找你吗?呵呵,我可是很好的聆听者哦!问问自己,大家还有跟中学朋友,甚至小学同学保持联络吗?~他们家都没电话呀!也没养白鸽,不然就能百个送信啊!再问自己,我们这短短的友谊,难道就维持两年而以吗?~那么两世纪总算够了吧?哈哈,不需太沉重。。。大家要记得我在班上跟老师顶嘴的时光哦!呵呵,在lab里做practical的时候。。。上lecture睡觉的时候。。。总之是你的坏习惯我们都会牢牢记住,好的就扔一边哦!当准备考试的压力状态,当然,还有大家一起吃喝玩乐的时候吧!剩下的时间不多了,我会珍惜身边的每个人。。。~包括敌人吗?大家将分离了。。。大家保重!All the best in your future undertakings!
Teh Ee Seng 郑宇胜
DOB- 18/2/1988
感言: 这两年来谢谢你们走进了我的人生,给我添了很多有趣的,好玩的,让我觉得我并不是一个人,~那么你有想到要如何报答我们吗?让我知道,节日不是一个普通日,~都有名叫节日了,当然是非普通哦!千言万语,一切,一切,非一张纸能说明的。~那么就用点钱买多几张纸啊!一起的日子,一起赶的上presenataion,一起到谁谁家讨论,一起吃饭,一起yamcha,一起玩,一起38,一起聊秘密,那么多的一起一起,~知道就好,taip得我都手酸拉!终于到了分离的时候了,伤感,大家一定是会有的。~嘿!我可是冷血的哦!成长的每一节,每一段,人的一生中,一定有许许多多的大大小小的分分离离。~怎么你写得都要dou..dou..-ble…ble…谢谢大家的一切一切,珍重。
Tan Kah Wei 陈嘉维
DOB- 21/6/1988
Add- 20A, Lorong Arfah 2, Jln Segambut, 51200KL.
感言:K6 is the best ~Ah! Don’t fake ar!, thanks our class rep. for helping us solve many problems ~where got solve many problem? Only a lot like mountain only mah, easy job! and thanks all my friend for support. ~Hey! Sui Zai, parents leh? No need thanks 4 their money? Smile always!!! ~A-be-then you want us cry?
R. Surentharan
Add- 36, Lorong Mahsuri 4, Tmn Bunga Raya, 53000, Kuala Lumpur
感言:At the beginning was quite bored ~Hey! Not boring, just because our K6 members all very quiet and good student lah. but now much much fun. ~Really?? Hope all will graduate with good results & all the best for career.

This is picture of our group six beautiful girls

Tan Ai May 陈爱媚
DOB- 8/4/1988
Add- 152, Bukit Kepong, 84030 Muar, Johor.
Tan Chue Ling 陈瑞玲
DOB- 23/10/1988
Add- 8, Lorong Seri Kijang 40, Tmn Seri Kijang, 14000 Bukit Mertajam.
感言:Thanks all my group6 friends for being so corporate, tolerate, and caring among each other ~really? I think isn’t satisfy but so far no dissatisfaction. At the same time, I would like to thank our class rep. for being so responsible. ~hey! don’t say so good, pai seh leh! All the best to everyone in the future!!!
Tan Pei Zin Stella
DOB- 26/6/1988
Add- 377, Mayling Garden, Jalan Sg Maong Ting, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak.
Motto: Dream Big, relish in small pleasures!!!~
Hi, is it the dream big mean I can dream that I have 5C boyfriend?
Tee Su Ling 郑淑玲
DOB- 23/1/1988
Add- No3, Jalan 4, Tmn Gembira, 45500 Tanjong Karang. Selangor Darul Ehsan
E-mail- or
感言:在这两年里,你们教会了我很多东西,也让我知道友情的可贵,应验了“在家靠父母,出外靠朋友”这句金言。很老套呀。~知道就好想必我也带给大家不少麻烦吧~这样你就要反省哦哈!其实。。。我是故意的啦。。~看你的样子都懂啦要不然你们会把我当透明哦,哈哈!~你那么大个哪有可能看不见噢很高兴认识你们 ~我也是哦,也会怀念一起相处的日子,有机会再一起“yam char”啦啦啦。。。
Tan Jo Lynn 陈柔陵
DOB- xxx
Add- 45, Tmn Tunku Hosna, 05300 Alor Star, Kedah
感言:There are many things that I had done wrong. ~Nothing wrong ah. All very accurate o! However, you all still lend a hand to me. ~we also can lend you our foot too,he… So, you all are great and thanks to you all.
Tan Yi Ying 陈乙莹
DOB- xxx
Add- 1-16-7, Lintang Gangsa, 11600 Pulau Pinang
感言:People come seasonally, I meet K6 with a cool dimmed face, ~Because that time we all toothless. but left with a big grinning face. ~Now we buy a set of dentures. Best of luck my friends. ~Sure…… Don’t forget to remember me once in awhile. ~Now surely will remember, but no warranty when we become grand-pa & grand-mum, he…
Tan Siew Hoon 陈秀云
DOB- 18/10/1986
Add- 2G-1-2, Lorong Semarak Api Satu, Bandar Bam Air Itam, 11500, Penang
感言:Life is not a constant, you can decide it yourself…
~Yup! I agree. However life isn’t last forever, so we need do a good deed everyday, right?
Susan Tan 陈施璇
DOB- 18/11/1988
Add- No.11, ¾ Jln TTS, Tmn Tasik Semenyih, 43500 Selangor.
Motto: I am “Susan Tan ”
~This one everyone know lah! Hope you can add other things…
Tay Siam Pine 郑湘萍
Add- 76A, Jln Megat, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
E-mail- &
Tan Bee Ting陈美婷
DOB- 2/12/1988
Add- 36A, Jln Kota Laksamana 2/1, Tmn Kota Laksamana Seksyen2, 75200 Melaka
感言:Although I only join K6 for only 3semesters but I really have a happy moment with all of you.~Ha! Really with all of us, or only person call s-t-e-p-h-e-n o? I hope you guys all the best in your future undertakings. Love you all!!!
Tan Yin Ying陈盈颖
DOB- 10/10/1988
Add- 21, Lorong Cengal 2/2, Tmn Cengal, 13400, Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
感言:两年的时间一瞬间就过去了,认识你们像是昨天刚发生的事。~为什么是昨天而不是前天的事呢?茫茫人海中认识了你们。从认识到离别,却是那么地令人措手不及。~那就不要分离呀!与你们渡过的点点滴滴,我会永远记得,也要谢谢你们一直以来的陪伴与帮助,让我的成长日记里增添了不少色彩。啊!原来你有写日记的习惯哦!还有时间涂颜色噢!愿你们的未来一片光明,~若地球还没末日,一定会有阳光的光明,不是吗?并创造出属于自己的天空!!All the Best!!! 惜缘。。。
Teh Huey Tee郑慧娣
DOB- 28/11/1987
Add- 10, Jln Besar, Gunung Semanggol,34400 Perak
E-mail- &
感言:其实参与这组才短短一年的时间,我又经常 “replace class”!~知道就好!所以对大家都不熟悉。但是谢谢你们没把我当“外人”看~不隐瞒你啦,我们只把你当外星人而已啦!哈!哈!你们也帮了我很多,也在我人生的回忆录里留下了一段段美好的回忆!虽然到目前为止,大家只是“点头之交”,希望将来有这个机会能和你们成为好朋友,~不必等将来,我们早就是最要好的朋友啦!互相了解!可别忘了我哦!最后要讲的是,我这个人,神经大条,~哈!K6的全部members都跟你一样的哦!如果做了什么,请大家多多包含啰!很高兴认识你们每一个人。。。
Tan Li Wei 陈俐薇
DOB- 18/10/1988
Add- 10, Jln Pelangi 1, Tmn Pelangi, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor
感言: “Announcement, for all group six members…” 唉,我想,这将变成一句让人怀念的经典了。。。相信所有的‘group six members’ 都认同吧!之所以说怀念,应该不用我多说了吧?~我人比较笨啊!怎样也讲仔细点吗!当然,其中一个原因就是那三不五时 make announcement 的 ‘小sean sean’。我想她最让人难忘的就是她的声音了,‘so powerful’~都还没能把DK弄倒。(不是我说的哦,是Ms.Koon!!)再来,就是她的笑容和她的那份热心及热情,有时会觉得她未免太好了一点点吧~哪有你那么好哦!但有什么办法,我们的小sean sean group leader 就是那么的好啊!!~哎哟!一直赞我,我会害羞的哦!当然,少不了的就是那一班一听到有announcement就会说“又是announcement”的classmates啦!Kawaii nie~其实,对我来说,所有group6的members都很可爱,~真的吗?但我唯一的遗憾就是--我们之间并没有很好的关系。该怎么说呢?其中一个和明显的显现就是,每个人都有自己固定的gang,就没有再加入别人或去加入别的gang…~因为老大有命令不能随便进别的党啊!我觉得这是很遗憾的。。。至于我本身呢,其实我也想跟其他人打好关系的,但就是没那个勇气~歌都有的唱啊!~爱真的需要勇气。。。因为你不够爱他人,所以没勇气与他人做朋友啊!不过只要有人给勇气你就够了!一直以来,我都是被动的,~怎么有脚都不自己学动啊?,别人跟我说话,我就跟他人说话;你不跟我说话,我就不跟你说话;你静,我会比你更静。~Hey man! 耍酷哦!当然,除了一些比较熟的人也就另当别论了。~多熟呢?半生或全熟呢?所以对一些比较不熟的人,我要澄清的就是:我并没有故意不跟你们说话,不理你们哦!我很和蔼可亲的哦~唉呀!解释就是掩饰,掩饰就是。。。其实,大家就快各奔前程了,聚在一起的日子也不多了~别怕我们会长命百岁的.,有一点舍不得哦。。。但正所谓:“月有阴晴圆缺,人有悲欢离合”,所以还是要很高兴地祝福大家前程似锦。Hey, group6 members,加油啰~油又起价了,可改用加水吗?不管遇到什么挫折,都要勇往直前哦~若前方有危险物呢?所以最好随机应变吧!“Where is the lose, where is the love”.
Teh Pui Sean 郑佩欣
Add- 17, Jln SP 4/5, Tmn Segar Perdana, 43200 Cheras, Kajang
感言: I’m very happy can study at the same class with all of you. Thanks for your support that push me to become a responsible leader. Thanks of forgive me when I did something wrongly. It is true that I have an unforgettable experiences with you all during college time. Just want to say “BEST FRIEND FOREVER”
你看我这group leader几挑剔,真讨厌吧!只想让大家知道,我对你们的厌倦已酝酿成关怀,默默地关心与珍惜你们每个人!

~上述各感言,我都加了少许笑话,但愿大家别在意哦!还有,谁未给我个人质料与感言,若现在给也行!好让我可再加入部落格内。谢谢!可send through我的E-mail哦!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Appreciation & Apologise

Thanks for Stella send the first post. How you guy think of our blog? I think still satisfy right? First of all, just would like to thanks Stella help us to allocate all the video script, thanks for Suren and Susan because really would like lend the video camera, thanks Stephen and Bee Ting help us to burn all the dvd, and finally need to thanks to all K6 members' coorperation to record the video even just a few minute of it, but are very valueble to me. Just would like to appologise to Li Wei, Siew Hoon, Siam Pine, and Suren that we accidentally cannot save your video in our dvd, may be some technical problem. So sorry! After watching the video, anything you wish to say? Who has watched twice time?( I will praise you, ha! ha!)

There were 15person of k6 members had have a dinner (steamboat) at Chui Lok restaurant. Thanks to Han Ping who help us allocatted a nice place, and delicious food; Thank you for all the comer, who always support me; thanks also for the gift. Just hope we can have another gathering at future. Promise? Hope you all enjoy your holiday, after then need start to decide your future:)Sorry that my english language is not so excellent.

Finally, wish those need to resit exam, try your best, hopefully can pass all the paper. The whole K6 members will support you. SURE WIN! SURE WIN! After that, K6 members will be having a fun at Genting Highland, at 7 May 2008. I hope can see you all again at that time:!

Steamboat night Part I

Hello people! Everyone had fun at Chui Lok just now??? HOw was the steamboat?? Too much or too few? Haha...hope it was a GREAT night for you all.

So i wanna start the first that when you all check this post will have something to enjoy instead of a blank page. So here we go :)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the steamboat dinner.
15 people who made it!! Yay!

She's is so cuteeeeeeee right???

Taken outside Chui Lok. Beautiful decoration! Guess who's hand is that pointing? THose who guess correct can get a kiss from Pui Sean! Mwahahaha~

Ok its late now and i have go to bed because of the flu.
Just to let you all know that Pui Sean and I (Stella) started this blog to preserve our K6 memory and hope that everyone can still keep in touch even after we've run to other places after diploma.
Thanks to all of you who showed up tonight. MUACKS.
For those who couldn't make it...Yi Ying, Pei Nee, Jolynn, Xiao Yun, Ai May, Pei Kei, Siam Pine....
We MISS you all and all the best to you!!

I'll continue part II tomorrow ya?
Take care and sweet dreams everyone :)